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A Seamless Garden Retreat

Creating an Indoor-Outdoor Sanctuary for All Year-Round Enjoyment

Bespoke Design  |  Lean-to Conservatory with a central peak   |  Enhance quality of Life & Home
When our clients approached us with their vision of an indoor-outdoor space that would allow them to enjoy their beautiful walled garden all year-round, we knew we had a unique opportunity to create a bespoke design that would blend with the existing features while improving the quality of their everyday living and enhance their home.

The Project Brief

The clients sought to create a space that would allow them to appreciate their beautiful garden throughout the year without compromising the existing patio area or garden features. The design needed to compliment the existing architecture and reflect the natural surroundings for greater connectivity with the outdoors.
Design Solution
We designed a simple lean-to conservatory with a central peak to add height and maximise the view of the garden and trees while visually connecting with the existing style of home. Sliding doors were chosen for the front elevation to conserve patio space and create a seamless flow between the garden and the conservatory when fully open.
Attention to Detail
The astragal detailing on the conservatory windows match that of the house windows, creating a unified look. A recessed link connects the conservatory to the current back door and corridor. Soft green/grey frames were selected to blend with the properties stone and slate roof, further integrating the conservatory into the garden setting.
Interior Design 
The clients chose to furnish the space simply and naturally, with comfortable wicker furniture, timber flooring, and an array of plants. The original stone wall was left untouched, serving as a striking backdrop to the room and maintaining a connection to the home's original character.
The completed conservatory seamlessly integrates with the existing architecture and garden, providing a tranquil indoor-outdoor sanctuary for our clients to enjoy all year-round. The design successfully met their requirements without compromising the existing patio area or garden features, and the attention to detail in both the build and interior design ensures a uniquely harmonious space.

Our Synopsis

The creation of this indoor-outdoor retreat not only showcases our commitment to understanding our clients' needs but demonstrates our ability to deliver a tailored solution that successfully enhances their home and improves their lifestyle. The glowing testimonials from our clients and the seamless integration of the conservatory into the existing environment stand as a testament to our dedication to professionalism, relationship building, innovative design and delivering on both quality and customer service.
Architectural symmetry for continuity of style 
Bespoke Lean-to Conservatory Design 
Uniquely designed to maximise patio space
External stone untouched to create feature wall
Astragal detailing to match house windows
Central peak to add height and maximise the view

Client Testimonial

"Our experience with the team was fantastic, with excellent advice and communication throughout the process. The tradesmen were highly professional and friendly, ensuring that every aspect of the build was completed to the highest standard. We are delighted with our conservatory and impressed by how streamlined the build was from planning to completion and inspection by the team."
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