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Beautiful Bespoke Hardwood Windows

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Our bespoke hardwood windows are all individually crafted and manufactured by our own highly skilled and experienced team, expertly designed to meet your specific requirements and to compliment the unique style of your home.
The supreme quality of our materials combined with our innovative approach to the installation process means each and every window we craft is guaranteed to act as a natural insulator, keeping both cold and noise out, while locking warmth in, ensuring your home is more comfortable and energy efficient, all year round.

Traditional Sash & Case

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and modernity with our bespoke hardwood Sash & Case Windows. Manufactured to suit the unique style of your home, our windows seamlessly integrate the charm of historical design with 21st century living.

From classic panes to expansive georgian window designs, our range caters to every preference. Each window is a testament to quality, featuring double-glazed 24mm units, warm edge spacer bars, Low E, Diamant, and Planitherm Argon-filled glazing. Enhanced with high-performance gaskets and secure by design technology, our windows guarantee unparalleled security and efficiency.

Complete with elegant brass or chrome ironmongery fixtures and fittings, you will enjoy a timeless finish and effortless functionality while improving the style, efficiency and value of your home.

Modern Casement Windows

Unlike the sash of a traditional sliding window that hangs in a window frame by ropes, weights or other devices, a casement window is permanently mounted into a space. It doesn't slide up and down but moves inwards and outwards making it a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary properties.

While the use of hardwood frames and classic fixtures and fittings retains the traditional character suited to period properties, cottages and crofts, the reduction in glazing bars, use of large technologically advanced panes of glass and the ease of opening the window fully in either direction, makes it the ideal fit for modern homes and modern living.

We project manage the entire process from planning consent and design to manufacture and installation, which means you will experience the attention to detail and customer care you would expect from Scotland's leading glass and timber structure specialists.

Heritage Windows

Introducing our Heritage Windows, meticulously crafted to blend historic charm with modern efficiency and security. These windows are perfect for listed buildings and conservation areas.

With over three decades of expertise in bespoke hardwood window design and manufacturing, our skilled team manages the entire process. From securing planning consents to guiding you through design choices, colours, and finishes, we ensure every detail is covered.

Crafted from superior hardwood and featuring advanced thermal glazing, our bespoke Heritage Windows are designed to endure, promising timeless beauty and functionality, for enhanced style and comfort all year round. 

Contemporary Windows

The Mozolowski & Murray Contemporary Windows range provides the same craftsmanship, precision of design and outstanding performance as our more traditional windows but are created with modern, simple and clean lines to suit a more contemporary style of home and lifestyle.

Designed to suit the renovation of modernised homes and quality new build projects, we manufacture your windows to the exact size and specification to meet your needs. Whether it’s casement windows or large fixed panes, you have a choice of almost any colour and stain finish, with a dual colour option for those who wish to have the internal frames a different colour from the external ones.

Security features exceed the British Standards too, giving you complete peace of mind. Our windows are manufactured in our own workshop in Kinross and will be installed by our own tradesmen with all the attention to detail and customer care you would expect from Mozolowski & Murray.

Bi-fold Windows

Bifold windows, a modern and versatile option, are gaining popularity in both residential and commercial settings, driven by the desire to merge indoor and outdoor spaces. Comprising multiple hinged panels, these windows can be effortlessly slid back and stacked neatly against a wall, providing an impressive unobstructed opening of up to 90%. This design not only enhances natural light and ventilation but offers an expansive and clear view.

Our bespoke bifold windows can come with a dual colour finish, allowing them to blend seamlessly with both the interior and exterior aesthetics of any space. These high quality windows exceed British Standard security specifications, offering users both durability and peace of mind. 

This blend of elegance, functionality, and security makes bifold windows an ideal choice for those seeking to create a modern, airy feel in their spaces, while maintaining high standards of safety and design. Perfect for nature lovers and contemporary design enthusiasts, bifold windows redefine the boundaries between inside and outside living spaces.

The Mozolowski & Murray Difference

Complete Service Including Obtaining Relevant Permissions
Bespoke Designs
Sustainable Materials
Dual Colour Finish Options
Broad range of glass pane sizes
Low E, Diamant, Planitherm Argon filled glazing
Listed Building and Conservation Area Approved
Draft Proof 
Quality assured Materials
Noise Reducing 
Double glazed 24mm units
High performance gaskets
Professional Removal and Installation
Secure by design locking systems
Handcrafted in Scotland
Energy Efficient
Warm edge spacer bars
A choice of high quality fittings and finishes

The Sustainable Choice

Embracing a sustainable future with the timeless elegance and enduring quality of hardwood for your windows, without doubt, emerges as a superior choice. Its natural resilience, authentic beauty, and unparalleled longevity make it an environmentally sound long-term investment, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimising environmental impact. 

Coupled with thermally efficient glass, our handcrafted windows not only exude warmth and charm but they excel in energy efficiency. This remarkable combination ensures a reduced carbon footprint, lower energy bills, and a harmonious balance between, style, functionality and nature.

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