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Bespoke Peak Conservatory Design

Classic French Doors   |   Peak Design to match building   |   Dual Colour Hardwood frames

Traditional design for modern home

Our clients owned a large contemporary home but wanted their Conservatory design to encompass an intimate and cosy space positioned to the rear of the house in a spot that wasn’t being utilised. They wanted us to strike the balance between something stylish and purposeful that would add character to their home but would seem like a natural fit both internally and externally.

We created a beautifully designed and intricate cosy Conservatory with a peak design mirroring the house roof perfectly. Glazing to the floor on the front elevation gives unrestrictive views to the garden and fits neatly between the kitchen and dining area of their home, making the very best use of this space. 

The elegant design that features within the glass peak makes this Conservatory a truly unique structure that was lovingly built to exact specifications and to the highest standards. 
The classic French doors open onto the paved area outside creating flexible open plan living for all seasons.  Our clients enjoy spending time in their home and garden and this Conservatory provides the perfect solution to be enjoyed by all those living and visiting the home. It really adds a wow factor to a space that previously had no purpose!
Traditional bespoke design to suit modern home
Frontal fully glazed peak design
Dual Colour hardwood frames
Classic fully opening French doors
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Conservatory Case Studies 

  • Pitched Dual Colour Conservatory for the perfect balance
    A Conservatory cleverly designed to seamlessly connect this living space with its beautiful gardens. The double hipped roof incorporates projecting peaks above the doors on both the front and side elevations adding character as well as providing plenty of options for internal lighting.
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    Elevated Conservatory to enjoy stunning views
    A project to replace the original Victorian style Conservatory, we designed a structure that would prioritise the stunning sea views while creating something more modern that would effortlessly withstand what can be a harsh coastal climate.
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    Contemporary Conservatory designed to entertain
    A Contemporary Conservatory with detailing that adds character and solidity to what is now a stunning living and entertaining space that seamlessly transitions between home and garden to provide a versatile addition to his home.
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  • A Seamless Garden Retreat
    Our clients wanted us to design a space that would enable them to enjoy their garden all year round without impinging on the current patio area or garden features.  They wished for a harmonious blend with the existing architecture and a space that would enhance their connection to the outdoors.
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    Simple Open Plan Conservatory
    Our clients had created a beautiful outdoor entertaining space but had become frustrated that it could only be enjoyed when the weather was dry, so we created a structure which blended in with the existing house and garden, providing an open plan space that could be enjoyed all year round.
    Read more
    Bespoke Peak Conservatory Design
    Our clients owned a large contemporary home but wanted their conservatory design to encompass an intimate and cosy space positioned to the rear of the house, striking the balance between something stylish and purposeful but with a natural character and fit.
    Read more

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