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A Proud Record of Commercial Excellence Continues to Drive Business

The need for business to diversify and adapt to changing political and economic circumstances has never been greater as a renewed desire for certainty becomes central to the business community.

The decision to invest in a new revenue generating project or an expansion plan designed to enhance your existing business is rarely without considering risk versus reward. In fact, minimising risk is a key consideration when committing to a new business venture, which is why we believe businesses continue to choose Mozolowski & Murray. 

Because we offer a bespoke, Fully Integrated Project Management Service, we have the ability to accommodate tight schedules, work out of season and employ all our own trades.  This provides businesses with a unique confidence that the job will get done, to the standards expected, in the timescales agreed and without compromising existing business functions and revenue.  

As a business ourselves, we understand the importance of minimising risk and maximising reward, therefore when working with Commercial clients, we quickly determine what they need beyond the design and construction process, so they can remain focused on running their business without unnecessary distraction, worry, stress or uncertainty.

Click HERE to see our Gleneagles project where we designed, manufactured and installed their stunning Orangery restaurant while the hotel functioned as normal...

Working all over Scotland and the North of England, businesses know they are getting an industry leading product and service, irrespective of size or location. From the remote corners of Skye, to the heart of Midlothian, we will transform your business in an efficient and professional manner, that will not only allow you to begin to reap the financial reward from your investment straight away, but because of the intelligent design, expert craftsmanship and quality of product, businesses know they will be enjoying a return on their investment for decades to come.

So, if you are looking to extend your business, large or small, central or remote and you’re looking for certainty, continuity and an unrivalled quality of product, service and commitment to enhancing your business, then Mozolowski & Murray is the right choice for you

Short video showcasing a selection of Commercial projects

To view our case studies or to be inspired visit our Commercial Page.

If you are considering expanding your business and would like to speak to a member of our experienced design team, please contact us on 0131 447 8651 or email us at and we will be delighted to discuss your ideas.

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