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Don't move, improve!

Here at Mozolowski & Murray we are always meeting people who are swithering between moving home or extending their current home. To improve or to move, that is the question!  So we thought we’d compile a few reasons to extend your home.

1. With the property market still unpredictable. Why move when you can improve? Modernise and invest in your home instead.

2. Let there be LIGHT! Create a new type of room in your home, a glass room for extra light all year round. Especially in Winter. An essential addition to every Scottish home.  The primary quoted reason for building a conservatory in Scotland.

3. Avoid the cost, hassle and upheaval of moving homes.  Urgg... No one likes the stress of moving home.

4. Adding a new room lets you redefine your living areas. A chance to rethink how you have always used your house.  Our Clients find M&M structures usable throughout the year, so more often than not, they become new and unique glass living room spaces.  Lovely in Winter, lovely in Summer and great in between too!

5. Live & feel closer to the outside. Create an inside outside space for summer time garden living.

6. Join two rooms together with your extension or conservatory, to create flow through living areas. Lots of clients love the idea of joining their kitchen to the living areas.

7. Create a new room, utility room, office space, games room, kids room or your perfect tranquil space for NONE of the above!

8. Life is short! You’ve been thinking about doing this extension for how many years??  Do it sooner than later, so you can start enjoying your investment immediately!

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