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Stunning designs crafted and engineered to last a lifetime

With over 30 years’ experience in designing and building glass and timber structures, we combine traditional methods with modern technology to ensure that your conservatory is not simply a short term purchase, but a lifetime investment, that will transform your home and enhance your lifestyle for decades to come.

Our expert teams have constantly innovated to ensure that your conservatory can respond and adapt to changing conditions both internally and externally.

We know that conditions within a conservatory can be quite variable, with significant changes in temperature and humidity being experienced, within fairly short time periods. Our sometimes harsh and unpredictable Scottish climate also plays a part in deciding what techniques and materials we use to ensure the long life of your conservatory.

In order to protect against any stress imposed on the main components of the conservatory, through the natural desire for the wood to expand and contract in certain conditions, we make sections from engineered hardwood.

What is Engineered Hardwood?

Engineered (laminated) hardwood is created by compression, bonding together several lineal sections of the same species of hardwood, using a high specification adhesive.

Highly rated structural items such as roof beams and bridge supports are manufactured in this way.

This process is highly controlled and should not be confused with other processes designed to use low-grade materials in the centre sections.

Why we use Engineered Hardwood?    

Engineered hard wood is proven to be much more resistant to bending, bowing and shrinking when compared to solid timber sections.  This allows us to be more creative with our designs as we know the strength and dynamic of the wood is consistent and fixed.

With a bespoke product we want to have the flexibility of design but the security of greater overall strength and stability.

How we use Engineered Hardwood?

The middle layer of Mozolowski & Murray sections are the same as the outside layers and should not be confused with other manufacturers’ products that use lower grade material throughout this layer.

Sections made from “Engineered” hardwood possess considerably greater overall strength than traditionally made solid timber components and are cleverly designed to blend in with the overall look and feel of the space both inside and out.

Ethically Sourced Timber

The source of hardwood used to manufacture our conservatories and associated joinery products is extremely important to us and we work very closely with Timbmet Ltd, one of the largest and most respected importers in the UK. The hardwoods used are sourced from Indonesia and Malaysia, through a limited number of reputable key suppliers, who supply their timber legally with full traceability back to their sourced forests. These hardwoods, many of which are engineered for additional stability, are durable, which, when allied with Mozolowski & Murray paint and treatment procedures, means your products lifespan is extended even further, thus lessening any environmental impact.

Additional environmental information is available from Timbmet.

To further demonstrate our commitment to the environment, carbon offsetting and reforesting Scotland, Mozolowski & Murray, together with Trees for Life, is helping to replant the Caledonian Forest by donating 10 trees for every conservatory and 5 for each window installation. For more information, please visit Trees for Life. Or for more information about our environmental work, please go to about us.

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