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As we head into summer, we tend to leave the cold, dark winter months behind us, shifting our focus to the virtues of warmer days and lighter nights and how this enhances our wellbeing.  This transition often gets us thinking about how we can adapt our homes to introduce more space, light and a greater connection to the outdoors, not just to maximise the benefits of the summer weather, but to find ways to make our homes more light, energy efficient and comfortable in the winter months too. 

When coming to Mozolowski & Murray in search of inspiration and advice on securing the right investment for their homes, our clients all have one thing in common, they are looking for quality.  And this is something we take immense pride in delivering.  Why is quality important to us? Because we want to know that what we are delivering for our clients is not just something which looks good and performs well in the short term, but will provide a lifetime of comfort and style that will not only add value to their homes, but will enhance their lifestyles for decades to come. 

That is why we only work with the best materials and to the highest standards irrespective of project location or size.  We only use sustainably sourced superior hardwood timber which possess considerably greater overall strength and stability with high performing weather sealing properties. As well as using this superior wood to guarantee the quality of each build, we combine engineered hardwood with high performance glass and high efficiency insulation for optimum results.

Each and every one of our glass and timber builds incorporates high levels of insulation to ensure the structure can be used comfortably all year round, from advanced insulation materials in the base and low walls, high performance gaskets and seals, to climate control glass with A-rated energy performance and thermal efficiency. The advancement of modern glazing and the microscopically thin and transparent reflective coating on the glass reflects long wave radiation back into the room, thus retaining heat, whilst maximising natural light transmission and providing superb thermal efficiency throughout every season.  

Whether your project incorporates a solid roof, combination roof design or full glass roof, solid walls, full glass walls, bi-fold doors or a combination of each, the quality materials selected by us and the skill to which they are manufactured, built and installed guarantees maximum energy efficiency, all year round comfort, and exceptional durability.

With many of our projects specifically designed to connect internal rooms and provide open plan living, the thermal benefits can transcend throughout the home, making this a fantastic way to heat entire sections of your house, particularly on sunny days throughout the year.  Many of our clients tell us their new glass and timber extension is where they now spend the majority of their time as it’s comfortable in the summer and super cosy in the winter. Garden rooms have become a surprisingly efficient space to enjoy also.  With working from home so common place now, many people are finding their garden room office a great motivational and diverse space in the summer and a super energy efficient way to work in the winter while benefiting from lots of natural light. 

With a 30 year portfolio of Conservatory, Extension, Orangery and Garden Room projects, our record in innovative quality, design and craftsmanship speaks for itself.

If you are thinking about extending your home or garden to create an all year round comfortable, stylish and lasting space, get in touch with our expert design consultants who will be delighted to discuss your ideas and offer valuable advice to suit your specific needs. 

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