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Why Mozolowksi & Murray Glass and Timber Canopies are changing the way we extend our homes

Extending your home is becoming an increasingly versatile investment as bespoke design reaches all corners of the residential market.  In previous years when thinking of extending our homes the options were often limited to a solid structure attached to one aspect of the house. But as technology has advanced and companies have responded to evolving lifestyle trends, this is no longer the case.  Bespoke outdoor canopies are swiftly becoming a popular choice as more and more people desire a greater connection between outside space and indoor living.  Here are just some of the reasons why canopies are becoming the new lifestyle trend:

Extend your home while enhancing your lifestyle

A quality bespoke glass and hardwood timber canopy by Mozolowski & Murray will not only create additional living space for every occasion but it will offer a flexible solution to outdoor living that can provide family, guests and visitors with an impressive lifestyle space that is uniquely designed to be enjoyed all year round.

Whether it’s a stylish BBQ area that can be used in all weathers, a light and spacious glass overhang that provides a living space throughout every season or somewhere special to house the hot tub, a bespoke glass and timber canopy will add instant value to your home and your lifestyle.

A versatile choice

The design of your canopy will often be determined by its purpose. Irrespective of size, location and budget, the possibilities are endless. From full glass structures for maximum light and star gazing, to a combination glass and solid roof design that can be crafted to suit your existing style of home, a Mozolowski & Murray canopy can be almost anything you want it to be.

Whether it’s a freestanding structure that creates the perfect garden entertaining space away from the house or a canopy that connects existing extensions and indoor living areas to the garden, you can incorporate integrated lighting, sound systems and outdoor heating as well as bespoke side panels or UV filter glass for enhanced peace of mind.

For simple structures that just blend in or bold design statements that create a real wow factor, our specialist team will discuss your ideas and advise on design options to best suit your needs and your budget.

Entertain all year round

Host outdoor parties, BBQ’s and occasions without relying on the unpredictable Scottish climate. Instead of constantly checking the cloud cover, just sit back and relax and let the canopy take care of the occasion for you.

Especially great for children’s’ birthday parties, canopies keep muddy shoes and sticky fingers out while providing a sheltered and safe place for the kids to play outdoors.

From sunny Sunday morning breakfasts watching the garden come to life with the birds and the bees to a night cap under the stars, your canopy will become a life enhancing investment for every occasion and at any time of year.

Enjoy your hobby / work outdoors

There can be nothing more motivational or inspirational at times than working outdoors, but with such uncertain weather, this can sometime be difficult or even impossible.  A quality glass canopy could be the perfect solution.  Whether you like painting, drawing, pottery or writing or you just like to read without feeling cooped up, then this could be the ideal space.  If you like the idea of outdoor learning for your children or providing a place for the dog to laze around outside on a warm but wet day, then a Mozolowski & Murray canopy may be for you.

A Mozolowski & Murray Canopy is built to last a lifetime

A stylish addition to any property, a Mozolowski & Murray canopy is not only professionally designed by an experienced and highly skilled graphics team but handcrafted at our own factory in Kinross, using the highest quality materials which are lovingly crafted by our expert craftsmen using advanced technology and traditional methods for an exceptional finish.

As our products are bespoke, we feature a broad range of glass pane sizes that come with exceptionally high-quality features such as double glazed 24mm unit, warm edge spacer bar, Low E, Diamant and Planitherm Argon filled glazing.  Depending on the design of your canopy we use industry leading toughened glass that can incorporate UV filters for extra protection. Our reinforced steel posts and beams mean your canopy will last a lifetime.

While structurally we use hardwood for its superior qualities and enhanced durability, softwoods such as cedar and larch can be used for design features such as under cladding or side panels.

The advantages of high-quality glass and timber canopies are:

  • Good acoustic properties, a glass roof will produce less noise during heavy rainfall.
  • Glass gives a clean, polished finish with an attractive appearance.
  • The roof panels will be completely clear – perfect for stargazing and bird watching.
  • UV Filter glass can help protect against the sun.
  • Creates an outside space without compromising the aesthetics of your home.  A subtle design can mean you won’t even know it’s there unless you’re sitting underneath it!
  • Versatility of design suits both residential and commercial clients.  

So, if you have a space, large or small, a glass overhang or canopy idea that is simple or complex, get in touch with our experienced and friendly design team today who will be delighted to assist. Visit our Bespoke Canopies page for more inspiration.

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