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Combination Roof with Traditional Slate  |  Replacement Larch Entrance Porch |  Bespoke Hardwood Windows
Our clients own a beautiful 100-year-old croft house situated in an idyllic rural location in the Scottish Highlands. When they purchased the property, it had an existing PVC conservatory which they felt lacked harmony with the traditional style of cottage, and due to its poor quality and construction, was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to use comfortably. This was also the case for the existing porch and a replacement was scheduled, along with the extension. Our goal was to design a hardwood structure that would create the perfect blend of old and new while offering comfort and style for all year round use. The porch was to reflect the existing style, staying true to the house's original architectural features.

The Project Brief

To replace the old PVC conservatory with a glass and hardwood timber structure that would create a light and airy, yet cosy space, connecting our clients to their garden and the views beyond without compromising the traditional charm of this century old property.  The porch, as well as all the windows, were to be replaced, achieving the same continuity of traditional design while providing a modern space that would deliver enhanced daily living. 
Design Solution
We designed an extension with a combination slate and glass roof to ensure the structure would blend with tradition, just enough to allow our clients to embrace the comfort and style of its unique design. The porch would also incorporate the same traditional slate roof tiles, with a heightened pitch for continuity of design and to compliment the crofts traditional charm.  The colours would all be painted to match the bespoke hardwood Mozolowski & Murray windows, for a complete energy efficient and bespoke solution that enhances both the visual appeal of the cottage and overall comfort.
Attention to Detail
The combination roof design incorporated glazed roof detailing and a slate offshoot for effective aesthetic integration to the existing style of home, being careful to ensure its height remained lower than the corregated Iron roof. With internal glass doors connecting the extension to two main living areas, and a set of french doors opening out into the garden, with four large casement windows and two Velux windows, the versatility, style and enjoyability of the this space was to be transformed.
Interior Design 
While our clients are keen to stress they have only temporarily dressed their new space, they have nonetheless used colour and comfort to create a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of vintage glamour in their beautiful chandelier. Installing a wood burning stove creates that cosy feel which, particularly on snowy days and winter nights, is a real delight. 
A light, comfortable and stylish space that provides a welcome connection to the garden and creates a sanctuary of light and open views offering a delightful contrast to the dark internal ambiance that our clients feel is so often the case with original croft houses. The porch has become a warm, comfortable space for their two dogs to dry off, while offering a welcoming, functional yet stylish entrance for the whole family. 

Our Synopsis

Facing challenges posed by the house's age and irregular walls, our skilled team meticulously scribed and fitted the extension and porch, carefully preserving its original charm and character. The same approach was applied when installing the hardwood windows and replacement porch, incorporating a larch design with a slate roof and handcrafted stable door, of which the quality and craftsmanship exceeded our clients' expectations.

Our team designed, crafted and installed a bespoke extension that delivers the perfect blend of traditional and modern, seamlessly marrying the century-old charm of the croft house with the comfort and energy efficiency of modern design. Not only does the extension add a unique style to this characterful home, but it connects the indoors with the garden in a way that the original structure could not. 

This project showcases our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding our clients' expectations, ensuring that each project is a unique reflection of their own style and lifestyle needs, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency.  With careful planning, expert craftsmanship, and exceptional attention to detail, we can transform any house into a dream home.
Architectural symmetry for continuity of style 
Bespoke Extension Design adding unique character 
Tailored approach for seamless fit on old property
Three way project combining Windows, Extension & Porch
Combination Roof Design with Off-shoot 
Blending traditional property with modern design

Client Testimonial

"We are longstanding clients of this fantastic company which is why we had complete trust and confidence that they could deliver quite an ambitious project on our much loved Highland home. The challenges they overcame with such ease, such as no one wall being straight, and their collective commitment to getting it absolutely right, is a testament to the talent and attention to detail these guys have on a scale we simply have never experienced before. The quality is outstanding, the professionalism is second to none and the results are truly transformational. We look forward to sharing our garden room when it's complete in September 2023!"
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