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Bespoke contemporary extensions designed to compliment any style of home

One of the most important aspects of a successful contemporary design is the detail. Achieving what can be perceived as a ‘simple’ design requires sometimes complex solutions. There are many ‘simple’ ways to create a more striking extension. Extending the eaves on a flat roof, for example, can make it appear more indulgent and designed. Similarly, just by arranging the transoms and mullions within the glazing in a more considered way, can lead to a more distinctive look.

An extension to your home is only likely to be built once and while creating extra space is always useful, a contemporary extension has the capacity to evoke an emotional response and change the way you live in your home. These extensions don’t just utilise contemporary design, but provide the perfect space to host contemporary technology.  With high tech sound, heating, lighting and electronic devices cleverly integrated into the overall design and functionality of the space, you can achieve some truly impressive results.

The wide range of designs, quality materials and scope for innovation means that modern extensions have no design limitations, so you can really push the boundaries of design and create something simply unique to your home and lifestyle, as well as adding significant value to the price of your property.

The Mozolowski and Murray team simply love the challenging and exciting nature of contemporary extensions but the real pleasure comes from knowing that we can turn our clients design dreams, into an everyday reality.

In-house Feature

While we love to hear our products taking all the credit, we thought it would be nice for you to meet the talented people behind the operation - Meet Connie!

Photo Connie
Connie Bexfield

Organiser | Soccer Mum | Mean Cook

Connie Bexfield

Customer Service Advisor

How long have you been with Mozolowski & Murray (M&M) and what is your role within the company?

I have been with the company for 18 months as their Customer Service Advisor.

I enjoy a varied role dealing with all remedial and maintenance enquires. Working from Head Office, I am responsible for ensuring our clients experience a first-class service and that all enquiries are dealt with promptly and professionally.  I also prepare works packages for all trades.

If you could swap your job with anyone else’s within M&M, whose job would you want and why?

Coming from a sales background I would like to gain an insight into the sales aspect of the company.  Working with clients at the very start of the process to agree on their ideal Mozolowski & Murray design, I think, would be a very rewarding part of the job, as would seeing the product finished and being enjoyed by your clients. While the sales environment can be challenging, I think it can also be very satisfying.

Pick 3 words to describe Mozolowski & Murray?

Quality, Professionalism, Exclusive

What has been your favourite project, day or moment while working for M&M and why?

It’s actually hard to say as I think all the projects are fantastic. Seeing pictures of each completed project is so rewarding as I know it has been achieved by our very own talented and creative team, from start to finish.

Do you have an office nickname? If so, what is it and what’s the story behind it.

Isa. (from Still Game) As we live in a fairly small town, it has been drawn to my attention that I often ask people, “Do you know?!”

Do you recall any embarrassing moments at work? Tell us about one

No, thankfully! And I hope to keep it that way.

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day and why?

Me! As a mother, wife and taxi driver to my two boys, it would be great to just be me for a day.

If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Alex Ferguson.  As a young Scot who had to work hard to reach the level he did in football, I find him very knowledgeable.  The fact that he achieved his place in working with and shaping some of the worlds greatest footballers, makes him one of the most successful managers of all time.

He is an inspiration to any up and coming football player.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

As a mother of two sons who both play pro youth football at different clubs, I spend a lot of my time watching them both play and train.  I also spend time as Secretary/Organiser for a local football team.  True Soccer Mum!

When I’m not there, we enjoy socialising with friends and going on long walks with the dog.

Name one thing about you that would surprise people.

I like to cook and I make a mean Thai red curry.

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