The brief

Our clients love to spend time in their garden and wanted a seamless transition between their home and the outdoors. A luxurious space that could be enjoyed all year round. While we had to come up with a design that suited their property and enhanced their lifestyle, we had to bridge a large gap from their snug to the conservatory that would effectively connect the rooms and ensure the space worked both visually and practically. To do nothing with the space would have left a gap between the existing extension and the finished conservatory.

The outcome

Simply stunning! The conservatory design evolved to compliment the roof pitch on the existing extension and incorporated extra peaks to add height, interest and dimension. We also put in heavy fluted posts within the panel design to add solidity and give a more substantial feel along with a heavy moulding to the peaks. The symmetry, style and grandeur of this conservatory not only demonstrates the beauty of clean design and the skill of experienced craftsmanship but shows just how life enhancing an addition like this can be to your home.

The outcome here is fantastic.  We created a luxury conservatory designed for flexible open plan living linking the home and this magnificent garden with seamless results.