The brief

As is often the case with new build flats, space is a premium. Our clients recognised the potential to expand their home into their garden to create a more conjusive family space but were unsure as to what design would work best, given the balcony feature on the flat above imposed height constraint. They were keen to create a bright, safe and secure environment for their children to play in the garden without having to necessarily be outdoors with them and that would connect their home to the garden, all year round.

The outcome

Within just 6 weeks we had designed and built the perfect extension for our clients. Sourcing all the materials necessary to ensure complete continuity of design, we created a box style extension that would fit neatly into the space without imposing on any of the existing windows in or around this property. Located to the rear, the neighbouring balcony above restricted the roof height so we designed a flat roof with high timber lined fascia to tie the extension in with the building, without compromising the upper balcony and to maximise the internal ceiling height. A full width glazed roof means that the light floods into the new extension and the room behind. We fitted fixed glazed panels and patio doors on the two walls facing into the garden for that feeling of light, connectivity, access and flow. This extension has opened up the rear of this property and has created a multi functional space which can be enjoyed whatever weather!