The brief

To create a very unique living area where our clients could enjoy views of their garden and feel like they were sitting in a light, warm space filled with plants to reflect the love they have of their garden. This project required a few creative and very bespoke solutions to create the timeless botanical look and feel our clients wanted to achieve.  We wanted to incorporate the beautiful stone work on the building as well as ensuring the room could be properly ventilated without compromising the glass and timber structure design.

The outcome

We designed a wrap around conservatory to sit neatly between the utility extension and the main house. Floor to ceiling glass connects the indoor space to the garden and has enhanced the way our clients enjoy this space all year round. The clients choice of Trust green interior maximises the botanical feel to this stunning conservatory and the classic design means their conservatory blends seamlessly into their existing surroundings.  We designed clever ceiling windows that can be opened to let air in and the existing stonework has become a stunning internal feature, particularly when it’s all lit up at night.

Our clients are delighted with this space as it has not only enhanced their lifestyles but has provided an opportunity to create a space that reflects what’s important to them while complimenting their home.