The brief

Our client wanted a sun lounge to provide extra living and dining space in which to enjoy open views of the garden, while feeling fully connected to the existing style of the house. They wanted the room to run directly from the kitchen, which meant we would have to design a structure which is elevated and which incorporated a solid roof to match the existing roof tiles and colour, without compromising on their desire for more light.

The outcome

We had to create the base for the sun lounge in order to elevate it to be in line with the connecting room. In order to keep costs down but still ensure the sun lounge would be a stunning addition to this home, we only took the solid base so far and supported the front of the structure with posts to create a boathouse type effect. This not only made the sun lounge appear less solid and fixed, but it provided our clients with a stunningly unique design. The natural light pours in through the new fully glazed windows, doors and pitched glass panels in the roof, again, breaking the solid feel to the structure. The decision to retain the natural stone wall internally has added a real sense of character to the space, complimented by the soft furnishings and neutral colours for a calm and relaxing environment. The result not only provides a fantastic new space for dining in and relaxing, whatever the weather, but it really adds an impressive feature to this stylish home.