The brief

With a large garden and stunning views to the rear of this home, our clients wanted to extend their living into the outdoors. So, they asked us to design a sun lounge that would lead from the existing dining and living room to create a space that links the two together, resulting in an impressive family living space which opens directly out into the garden. While our clients were keen to ensure the sun lounge was in-keeping with the house, they wanted to explore some bespoke solutions that would allow them to capitalise on their view.

The outcome

Within just 8 weeks, we handed the keys over to our clients who were just ecstatic with their new sun lounge. Extending across the existing living and dining rooms meant that not only were we connecting the internal spaces but using large bi-fold doors to connect the front of the sun lounge to the garden. The pitched roof design with a glass gable front was designed to take full advantage of the stunning views but meant we had to be a bit creative with how we tied the new roof line into the existing one. We designed a tiled offshoot from the main house roof with a glazed ridge lantern and angled glazed panel above and to the rear, creating a lovely internal feature. The neutral tones inside allow your eyes to be drawn to the lush scenery outside while the external green colour blends the structure into it’s natural environment. This, combined with the bi-fold doors and glass, creates the perfect symmetry between home and garden.