The brief

As Mozolowski & Murray offer a bespoke service our clients approached us with an unusual request to reverse the traditional orangery style by incorporating a solid ceiling but with glass walls all the way round the structure to let the light in.  This unusual orangery style design came about because the owners wanted to extend their kitchen and make a flowing open space between this and the newly converted basement creating a feeling of solidity but still allowing light into the space.

The outcome

We came up with this design which pulls the kitchen out into a glazed area while the lantern ceiling gives definition to the space inside achieving the clients desired effect.

Fully understanding how our clients wanted to use this space we created a stunning room that not only adds light and space to what was an unused space but connects to the basement giving purpose and flow to a part of the house that lacked space and light.

The design includes a staircase into the basement which ties together all the areas turning it into a unique and elegant family space.

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