The brief

Our clients had seen photographs of orangeries in various garden magazines and thought the style and nature of these designs would be perfect for their listed property. We looked at two options for the location but as their new orangery was to be used as an entertaining area, we decided to link the room to the kitchen so the orangery would have a natural connection as a dining area.

The outcome

The orangery has an elevated position overlooking a private garden and the doors lead from the side onto a raised patio that also leads from the kitchen. As the orangery would be used a lot for entertaining, our clients wanted to create a different atmosphere in the evening using mood lighting.  So we worked with a specialist lighting contractor who designed a lighting layout, which we then incorporated into our structure. The most stunning effect being the fibre optic lights within the solid ceiling, which change colour and intensity depending on the setting.

Under floor heating with limestone flooring, comfortable couches and classical dining furniture all blend to create a truly elegant entertaining and living space space that can be enjoyed for every occasion.

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A Mozolowski & Murray orangery is the perfect way to enhance your living space, both inside and out