The brief

A conservatory design that enhanced and blended with the architecture of the house but delivered a fresh, contemporary and tranquil space binging light and adding an open plan dimension that the house lacked.

A space that also connected externally so the garden could be admired along with the countryside views.

The key here was to design something that looked timeless yet complimented a new build style of home.

The outcome

This classic and timeless design with its pastel green frames, white window sections and fine decorative detailing transforms this house yet looks as if it has always been there. This clever design opens the kitchen and connects the lounge to what is a tranquil and stylish space with views of the garden that can now be enjoyed in all weathers.

Our clients were delighted with the result.  Not only does this conservatory enhance their lifestyles on a daily basis in terms of internal living, it enhances the beauty of their home externally and resolves the lack of open plan living as well as the lack of connection between the house and the outdoors.