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A clear trend in conservatory design

The latest trend in bringing the outdoors into the home is combining both glass and tiles or slates into conservatory roofs. Marking a move away from the traditional fully glazed conservatory this new trend offers all the benefits of a more solid structure but at the same time captures light and space through the glazed section.  Combination roofs appeal to customers who want more functional house extensions – such as kitchens and home offices – to accommodate their varying lifestyles.

This relatively new roofing option has become increasingly popular with Mozolowski & Murray’s customers over the last few years.  So much so that in 2014, around 40% of Mozolowski & Murray’s installations included combination roofs, compared with 5% in 2008.

Virginia Murray, Director at Mozolowski & Murray, said:

“The popularity of more solid roof structures incorporated with glazed sections has emerged over the past couple of years and the individuality of these designs is proving to be an attractive alternative to the traditional conservatory roof. The beauty of a combination roof is that it offers a range of options depending on what the room is intended for and can make a striking feature both internally and externally. These days, many people need to create functional living spaces that fit their lifestyle and can be used comfortably on a daily basis.”

Over the last year, Mozolowski & Murray have also seen a large number of clients incorporating wood-burning stoves into their extensions.  Not only can they provide cost effective heating, they make a great focal point in any room.

The Burning Question in Perth, who specialise in a wide range of wood-burning stoves, cookers and chimneys, have noticed an increase in customers opting for a wood-burning stove to heat a living space rather than central heating.

Douglas Dolby, owner of The Burning Question, said:

“Adding a wood-burning stove certainly can transform the look and atmosphere of any room. With so many styles, from traditional to contemporary, there is something to suit any space and it’s purpose, whether that’s a kitchen or home office to work in or a conservatory to simply relax in during the evening. It is great being able to watch the rain or snow fall from the comfort of your new extension with the warmth of a wood-burning stove.”

Virginia Murray added:

“The most important thing for homeowners to remember is that they shouldn’t feel restricted in what they want to achieve and flexibility is key. It is worth exploring all design options, no matter how diverse, to ensure the room fulfills their individual needs and style.”

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