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Sustainability is good for business

By choosing Mozolowski & Murray you are not just deciding to improve your home, you are helping secure a more sustainable future

In an ever increasing environmentally conscious society, Mozolowski & Murray remains extremely proud of its record in sustainability. As a company operating within the construction industry, we have always been aware of our responsibility to ensure that our route of supply, materials and manufacture is ethical, environmentally sound and is contributing to the preservation of our environment for future generations to come.

Because we have always used engineered hardwood to design and build our products, we are recognised within the industry as a sustainable business, however, we believe that while wood is by virtue considered a renewable resource, it is important to do as much as we can to not only promote quality and sustainability within the industry, but do our bit to help the environment where possible.

The quality of the materials used in every one of our projects guarantees the long life and high performance of our products, which is why when it comes to specifying timber, we are uncompromising. As one of the few companies in Scotland to use ‘engineered’ hardwood, we want to ensure that while we source our materials from the environment, we give something back.

That is why all of our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests where the landscape is managed to prevent damage to eco-systems, watersheds, wildlife and the trees themselves, taking a longer term rather than shorter term view of the resource. Sustainability in this context means the forests should still be there for your grandchildren and great grandchildren and will be able to soak up carbon emissions, keeping our air clean for generations to come.

With climate change and the war on plastics dominating the environmental agenda, we are all becoming more educated about the dangers of ‘doing nothing’ when it comes to our own practices, decisions and habits. As a company who has always been regarded as sustainable, we are now seeing a more conscious shift in how people want to build and extend their homes. We often hear clients tell us how important it is that they choose a company which not only provides the kind of quality and customer service they are looking for but delivers a project in an environmentally responsible way.

By displaying our certification badges as well as talking about our sustainability, we hope that we are making it easier for people to choose environmentally friendly products that are not only industry leading in quality and design but are having a positive impact on the environment.

If you haven’t explored the sustainability section on our website, here is a brief overview of what certifications we hold and the steps we are taking to do out bit in safeguarding the environment for generations to come:

FSC - The Forest Stewardship Council

The FSC is an independent, non-profit organisation promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Their certification system provides internationally recognised standard-setting and trademark assurance to anyone, business or individual, who is interested in supporting responsible forestry. The FSC logo is something to look out for!

PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification

When you see this logo it is a sign that the Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification has been involved in delivering the overall objectives of the FSC. Together they help guarantee wood coming from sustainable sources is replaced after harvesting and is taken without harming the environment and neighbouring ecosystems.

Green Ticks Scheme

When you see this badge, it means Mozolowski & Murray is committed to achieving high environmental standards, both to satisfy our customers with long term energy efficiency and costs, and to ensure we all take part in sustaining the world’s resources.

In 2013 we implemented an Environmental Management system to enable us to monitor our waste and manage our environmental footprint. The Green Ticks Scheme is a UKAS accredited Environmental Management System (EMS), designed to offer a methodology for organisations to register against the requirements of British Standard BS 8555:2003. The scheme is unique to Scottish businesses and is recognised throughout the UK and Ireland. We continue to work hard to minimise our footprint and provide our customers with the best in sustainable design and materials.

Trees for Life

In supporting Trees for Life, we are demonstrating our commitment to sustainability by helping restore Scottish forests. Mozolowski & Murray donates ten trees for every conservatory or extension it builds and five trees for every window installation. So far, we have donated more than 2265 trees! Giving something back is important to us.

Ethically Sourced Timber

The source of hardwood used by Mozolowski & Murray is key and we work with Timbmet, one of the largest timber importers in the UK, who supply our timber from well-managed, documented, traceable and legal forest sources.

Our hardwood is sourced from Indonesia and Malaysia through a limited number of suppliers that have been evaluated through Timbmet’s supply assessment system. The system works to determine whether the timber or wood contained in the product is traceable to the forest of origin, legally harvested and from a well-managed, sustainable forest.

An independent consultancy advises Timbmet on implementing this system and provides checks on the validity and veracity of the information we hold on suppliers.

Comfortable, Economical and Environmentally Efficient

Your bespoke product is designed to be a relaxing environment for use all year round. We are able to achieve this because we have selected the most technologically advanced materials available as verified by The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).

Every Mozolowski & Murray project incorporates Low Emission high performance glass. Low E glass is the perfect insulating material reflecting heat back into the room and reducing heat loss by over 75%. It is the equivalent of triple glazing and because of its unique solar protection qualities will not only make your conservatory warm in winter but it will also keep you cool during the summer months.

Sustainability is important to us and is becoming an increasingly important factor in our client’s decision-making process when it comes to selecting the right company to deliver their projects.

If securing a sustainable future is important to you and you are thinking of extending your home, get in touch with us today and our design team will be happy to discuss your ideas and advise you on all aspects of your project. Alternatively, pop into our Edinburgh Design Centre, open 7 days for an informal chat, no appointment necessary.

Together we can make a difference…

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