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Mozolowski & Murray shares everything you need to know about adding style, light and space to your home

Glass benefits

Building a Conservatory, Orangery or Extension generally means introducing more glass into your home. More glass means more natural light, particularly in the winter months, and is often designed to create a greater sense of space and connectivity. With open plan living still a popular lifestyle choice, Conservatories, Orangeries and Extensions are an ideal way to achieve a seamless connection between your home and garden, as well as creating internal living and dining spaces that provide a feeling of space, light and a social connection that can be difficult to achieve, particularly if you live in a more traditional style of property.

A Mozolowski & Murray glass and timber structure is specifically designed to not only reflect your own personal property and lifestyle preferences but is created to achieve a unique character and quality that transcends generations and adds significant value to your home and lifestyle.  


A Conservatory, Orangery or Extension should incorporate high levels of insulation to ensure the structure can be used comfortably all year round, from advanced insulation materials in the base and low walls, high performance gaskets and seals, to climate control glass with A-rated energy performance and thermal efficiency. The advancement of modern glazing and the microscopically thin and transparent reflective coating on the glass reflects longwave radiation back into the room, thus retaining heat, whilst maximising natural light transmission and providing superb thermal efficiency.

At Mozolowski & Murray, all year-round usability and comfort is at the heart of all our bespoke designs which is why we only use the very best of materials and techniques. Combining traditional values with modern technology means we can constantly innovate without compromising on the standards and integrity upon which we have built our industry leading reputation.

Personalised design

When using a bespoke company, the design possibilities are endless. There is no one size fits all aspect to designing and creating your ideal space. What is consistent amongst most clients, however, is the desire for more light and space that better connects them to the natural beauty of their surroundings and to their chosen way of living.  With bespoke design, you can ensure that your design does what you want it to do in terms of how it blends or otherwise with your existing style of house. You can design something to subtly compliment your existing style of property or make a bold statement using a contemporary design on a traditional property for example. Opting for a pitched roof conservatory is a popular choice for those wishing to match the existing house roof design, and results in an impressive symmetry of design and space.

The popularity of more solid roof structures incorporating glazed sections (combination roofs) has also emerged over the past few years, with the individuality of these designs proving to be an attractive alternative to the traditional conservatory roof.  Our experienced design team offers ideas, advice and inspiration for anyone thinking of extending their home and work closely with clients to ensure they get the personal approach needed when making such an important long-term investment.

Open-minded aspect

It’s sometimes the case that people who are considering extending their home only do so if they have a South facing aspect that can accommodate a new Conservatory, Orangery or Extension. This is usually based on the assumption that a South facing aspect is the only position that will guarantee light and warmth.

Adding a conservatory to a North or East elevation, for example, will create what is known as a ‘thermal bubble’. This is an area that protects your home from the elements while providing a glorious space that will maximise the light in areas of shade. Performing a dual role, the thermal bubble also diffuses light at the height of summer, making your new space a desirable place to enjoy all year round.

There is no ideal aspect for a glass and timber addition to your home. Each aspect comes with its own benefits. Different types of light can be enjoyed from any aspect, from early winter sunsets to the morning spring sunrise, every outlook changes with the seasons.  A North or East facing extension can capture light in an area of the house or garden which may not have previously been enjoyed, particularly in the winter months making this a transformational addition. 

Planning considerations

In many cases, planning permission is required as is a building warrant, so it is important to factor in time for this in your plans.  Depending on the size, location and style of project, it is worth noting that it can take between six and twelve weeks for permission to be granted, therefore, early consideration is advisable. If your garden has a river or stream close by or there are mature trees in close proximity, this may dictate or limit the size and position of your structure, something else to be considered from the outset.

At Mozolowski & Murray, we offer a fully integrated Project Management Service which means we deal with everything from the design and planning processes to the manufacture, construction and installation of your project, ensuring everything runs on time, within budget and without the worry and hassle of dealing with managing the process yourself.

Make it flow

Kitchens/dining spaces are by far the most common link through to Conservatories, Orangeries and Extensions. More and more people are aspiring to inclusive living where cooking, relaxing, family interaction and socialising are at the centre of extending their homes. But for those who still want to create a separate space for reading perhaps, admiring the garden or listening to music somewhere away from the main hub of the home, we can design the ideal space to suit.

It is key when designing any space that you consider how the space will be used, how you want this to complement your existing home and how you intend to furnish it. Our professional team can advise on how your design can accommodate this. If you plan well and are clear about what you want, you will achieve a good flow of space and functionality.

Long-term Investment

Extending your home, whether large or small, simple or complex is a big decision and one that is important to get right.  Choosing a reputable company can mean the difference between a short-term investment and a lifetime guarantee. At Mozolowski & Murray, we understand that there are many factors to consider such as budget, timescales and added value as well as choosing the most environmentally sustainable options that will not only enhance the look and feel of your product but will also help protect our planet.

As we are bespoke and with over 30 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing beautifully crafted glass and hardwood timber structures, we can work to your budget and preferences while providing the quality and sustainability to guarantee a lifetime of added value both in terms of your home and your lifestyle. While a big decision, if built to a high standard and by an experienced and professional team, it will be a lifetime investment.

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