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Why a North or East facing Conservatory can breathe new life into your home

It’s sometimes the case that people who are considering extending their home only look to do so if they have a South facing aspect that can accommodate a new conservatory or extension. This is usually based on the assumption that a South facing aspect is the only position that will guarantee light, warmth and provide a desirable space in which to spend time in and relax.

We thought we would show you a few of our North and East facing conservatories, not only to demonstrate how successful they are in terms of delivering space and light but how beautifully they blend into their surroundings and occupy what was once deemed an unusable space.

Irrespective of your location, space or type of project, our dedicated and experienced design and installation teams are fully committed to delivering a bespoke solution for you and your home.  So if you are considering extending your home but are unsure if your position would work, here’s just five reasons why you should be confident about choosing a North or East facing conservatory or extension by Mozolowski & Murray

1) Adding a conservatory or extension to a North or East elevation will create what is known as a ‘thermal bubble’. This is an area that protects your home from the elements while providing a glorious space from which to enjoy your garden.

2) It will maximise the light where your garden space can be dark, by capturing and reflecting it back into your home, making your conservatory a desirable place to be in, all year round.

3) Choose to be outside or inside when admiring the stunning sunset views. Imagine how many you’ve missed by not having a glass and timber addition to your home!

4) Our conservatories only need a hint of sun in the winter to reach a lovely warm temperature. With the additional light and warmth, your conservatory will be a space that will connect you with your garden and bring you closer to nature, when potentially, you wouldn’t have otherwise ventured outdoors.

5) If you are an artist, writer or someone who simply wants to have an inspirational place to work from when at home or read the sunday papers, then you will absolutely love the Northern light. More diffused and less harsh, it creates the perfect atmosphere and ambiance to relax or be creative, without having to worry about managing what can sometimes be a piercing glare. The perfect place to be come wind, rain or shine!

Whether you are considering extending your home in an area that’s not South facing, or looking for ways to open up an aspect of your home with bi-fold doors, for example, we can offer expert advice and inspirational design ideas that will demonstrate the best way to maximise your space and enhance your home for life.

Our bespoke, integrated service means we take care of everything from concept to completion, so all you have to do is watch this once unused aspect of your home, come to life.

If you would like to discuss your ideas with our friendly and professional design team, please do not hesitate to call us on 0131 447 8651 or email us at to arrange a telephone consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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