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Purple is the new green and it’s stunning!

Sedum Garden Roof breathes new life into outdoor living design

We recently had the pleasure of designing and building a stunning garden room for our Edinburgh clients who are eco conscious and wanted to support sustainability wherever they can. They therefore asked us to design a garden room incorporating a sedum roof which they subsequently commissioned us to build.  The results are simply stunning!

A sedum roof can be placed on any fully compatible building and is basically a living roof! There are a number of benefits surrounding green roofs including, helping to control water in heavy downpours, as it absorbs more water, slowing the release of rainwater.  It can also be used as a filtration method capturing the run off water and using it for other purposes such as brown water.  Studies have shown that a Sedum roof can help with both insulation during colder months and a cooling effect during warmer months. One of the main and most popular reasons for having a green roof, whether it be on your house, garden building or garage, is that it will increase the biodiversity of wildlife such as birdlife.  This makes it so much more attractive to look at than a conventional tiled roof.

A sedum roof will also filter pollutants in the atmosphere especially carbon dioxide, lowering the carbon footprint but also helping lower disease rates such as asthma.  If all the roofs in Edinburgh had sedum roofs, the air would be much cleaner!

Financially it can increase the roof life considerably and nowadays goes a long way to increasing the real estate value of your property.  There are sometimes local tax incentives which may help but certainly in UK local councils, they are very keen to promote the use of Sedum roofs.

Our clients have chosen a beautiful selection of plants and colours for their Sedum roof which really makes it a unique addition to their home and garden.  See a diagram and drawing below which formed the basis of this eye catching sedum roof.

This was a pleasure to do and we are all delighted with the results.  If you would like to find out if your property or design idea is suitable for a Sedum roof by Mozolowski & Murray, please contact our Edinburgh Design Centre and arrange a consultation.

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