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The Value of Hardwood: How Bespoke Conservatories Transform Property Worth

In the mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s, conservatories constructed from plastics, perspex, and glass were all the rage. Homeowners across the nation were eager to extend with these seemingly convenient and cost-effective additions to their properties, hoping to enhance both their homes and their quality of living. Fast forward 25 years, and these plastic conservatories have not only aged poorly, but have actively begun to devalue properties.

Why is this happening? The issue lies in the original materials. Older plastics, perspex, and glass were not designed to effectively manage heat. This causes these conservatories to become uncomfortably hot during the summer and extremely cold during the winter, making them a less than ideal living space.

Moreover, prospective homebuyers are increasingly discerning, often viewing old plastic conservatories as a liability rather than an asset. These structures not only reduce the property's market value, but also incur additional costs for removal and replacement. In light of these challenges, many homeowners are beginning to explore more durable and value-adding alternatives.

While our portfolio is testament to the fact that people have always been in the market for bespoke quality glass and timber additions, the poor lifespan of the plastic structures combined with the growing accessibility and affordability of bespoke design has attracted people towards replacing outdated conservatories, with quality hardwood structures.

Designed and constructed to suit the specific needs of your property, a Mozolowski & Murray bespoke hardwood conservatory represents a long-lasting, sustainable, and attractive alternative to their plastic counterparts. We tailor these constructions to meet the unique specifications of your home, taking into consideration its position, location, and exposure to the sun.

South-facing properties, for instance, may benefit more from a combination roof design that can manage sunlight exposure effectively. Conversely, a north-facing property could take advantage of a glass roof, capturing every possible ray of light during duller days.

The longevity of our structures is largely down to the virtues of hardwood, a material renowned for its durability and sustainable credentials. A hardwood conservatory is built to last and weather the elements with minimal maintenance. Unlike plastic, hardwood does not warp or discolour with time. It's an investment that enhances the value of your property because it not only looks beautiful and is environmentally friendly but it stands the test of time.

Alongside hardwood, we incorporate the latest advancements in material science, such as thermally efficient glass. This cutting-edge technology maintains an optimal temperature balance throughout the year, preventing the space from becoming too hot in summer or too cold in winter. As a result, all of our glass and timber structures offer year-round comfort and usability.

Investing in a bespoke hardwood conservatory can revolutionise your living space. The combination of elegant design, quality materials, and efficient use of space creates a room that seamlessly blends with your property, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and value.

Increasingly, our inquiries are coming from homeowners eager to replace their outdated plastic conservatories wishing to rid their properties of devaluation and seize the opportunity to not only increase its market value but enhance how they live, entertain, relax, and ultimately, enjoy their homes.

Our advice to homeowners is clear: if you want to avoid the negative impact of plastic conservatories, consider investing in a bespoke hardwood structure – a choice that marries quality, sustainability, and value, guaranteeing you a space to enjoy all year round and that’s built to last a lifetime.

Bear in mind, a meticulously crafted Mozolowski & Murray conservatory, orangery, sun lounge, or extension is not merely a structure, but a transformative addition to your home designed to enhance your living experience. Should the need arise to sell your property, this enhancement becomes a valuable asset, underpinning the market appeal and financial value of your home, rather than becoming a potential liability.

Here's just a few examples of how estate agents are highlighting Mozolowski & Murray bespoke products as a unique selling feature when marketing their clients properties!

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