Beautiful bespoke garden living suites that offer something truly special…

Cedarcrate was born out of the desire to create stunning garden spaces that enable families to grow, guests to stay overnight with space and privacy or grandparents to live independently but with the security of having family on site.

Whether it’s self contained living for a grandparent, a first step towards independence for the kids or a stunning guest bedroom nestled at the bottom of the garden, we can help you create the perfect space to accommodate your individual needs.

We have created Cedarcrates with large glass and timber structures that have one and two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and bathroom as well as balconies to embrace the views and natural environment.  But we have also created smaller units comprising a bedroom with an ensuite, giving guests a luxury hotel room type experience while staying with family and friends, designed to fit any space.

Handcrafted in Scotland to your exact specification we deliver an integrated approach from design and planning to build and completion.

With design, sustainability, durability, style and comfort at the heart of our Cedarcrates, not only will you be able benefit from this amazing space all year round but it will last you a lifetime.