The brief

Our client wanted a sun lounge to provide extra living space and incorporate a home office. In order to integrate the new sun lounge with the existing house, along with the integrated garage, we designed a solid roof structure with glazed lantern detail to ensure that light still flowed directly into the whole living space.

The look of the sun lounge needed to be a clever combination between solid structures and glass panels that gave a feeling of light and space, while being structurally solid and in-keeping with the existing style of house.

The outcome

The internal space was cleverly thought out and comprises a split level floor that creates a natural division between the office on the lower level and the lounge at garden level.  We also designed the room to have height to achieve that feeling of space.

The natural light pours in through the new sun lounges fully glazed windows, doors and pitched glass panels in the roof, breaking the solid feel to the structure. Warm colours and comfortable sofas have created the perfect room to entertain family and friends while the office space is an ideal working environment with the added bonus of making use of previously unused space. The result not only provides a functional solution to the living/working space but really adds an impressive feature to this stylish family home.