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Creating short-term living solutions with lasting results!

As we continue to navigate our way through these challenging times, focus on the home has never been more prevalent. With many people having already extended and adapted their homes and gardens to accommodate the change in their home circumstances, the prolonged nature of having to work, teach and live at home remains a key factor in deciding to adapt how we live, in order to better facilitate this new everyday reality.  

For those who are fortunate enough to have the space and or budget to extend their homes and gardens in a bid to create a more workable and enjoyable home, learning or lifestyle environment, our thoughts turn to purpose, design and value.

As many parents and grandparents with school age children have had to quickly turn their homes into learning spaces, the kitchen table or living room sofa often becomes the default position for home schooling, which without doubt, creates challenges for the whole family as everyone tries to negotiate around work, normal living and learning, all in shared spaces.

Working with clients both virtually and safely in person, we are continuing to design and install purpose-built Extensions and Garden Rooms that are not only designed to help provide short term space solutions, but are built to add lifelong value and diversity to your home.  Our multi-purpose approach to design means that, unless specified otherwise, many of our bespoke Extensions, Garden Rooms and Pre-design Garden Rooms can offer a range of uses which are designed to not only offer flexibility and added value but to ensure that as your needs change, your investment can change with them.

If you’re home schooling and trying to juggle your own work or study commitments, or you are now working from home long term and want to be able to shut the door at the end of the day to start your home life, or you simply wish to achieve a new outlook or create a new ambiance, an extension or garden room maybe the ideal solution.  We all know how quickly we feel out of control when our work, garden or home space becomes confused and disorganised, therefore by creating designated areas to work, learn, cook, eat, sleep and relax, we are not only increasing productivity at work, but we are more likely to enjoy a healthy work/life balance and within an adaptable space that means your investment can keep working for you beyond lockdown.

A garden classroom, for example, could instantly create an imaginative space in which to learn.  Surrounded by nature and flooded with natural light, particularly important throughout the winter months, your garden classroom could feature a cosy reading corner, mini library and proper desk for learning.  Leaving the house to attend the classroom, even if it is just in the garden, can help children decipher between home and school resulting in a positive classroom by day and a happy home by night.

All benefits of which could equally apply to a Garden Office or Extension designed to overlook the garden with lots of glass to maximise the natural light. Somewhere the whole family can enjoy!

But let’s not forget creating that space to just relax and unwind from all the stresses and strains of confined daily life.

Creating a home bar can be an exciting proposition when you need something to look forward to at the weekend. Offering a real sense of occasion, a home bar can be achieved relatively easily with a drinks trolley or creating space on your kitchen worktop but integrate a Cocktail, Gin, Whisky or Wine Bar into your Garden Room or Extension, a space that may already incorporate a hot tub or outdoor kitchen, for example, and things start to get really interesting.  Or by creating an additional indoor/outdoor room you can free up existing space to create that drinks area, home cinema or somewhere to put that karaoke machine!

If exercise is your release, then why not create a quality timber and glass pool house, spa or gym that can be adapted to suit your changing physical and emotional needs. A yoga space or just a retreat to escape and relax in when needed.

Using the highest quality and sustainable materials, our experienced design and installations teams can integrate the latest state of the art technology such as electric roof vents, sound systems, lighting and heating to ensure your Extension or Garden Room gives you exactly what you need, all year round and for every occasion. As we are bespoke, we can be flexible with your design and your budget. Or, if you want us to take all the thinking out and just add your new room in, then look at our Pre-design range and get in touch with us today.

Whatever your budget, size of space or location, we will be delighted to discuss your ideas and safely work with you in creating and delivering your ideal project that will be designed not just to enhance your lifestyle but will be built to last you a lifetime.

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