Business likes certainty and with an unrivalled industry leading reputation, commercial clients are choosing Mozolowski & Murray to extend their businesses, all over Scotland.

From intimate glass and timber restaurant extensions, to grand conservatory wedding venues or standalone luxury suitesenjoy a quick return on your investment and watch your business grow with Mozolowski & Murray.

Mozolowski & Murray at Gleneagles

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If you’re looking for inspiration or simply want to see how other businesses are expanding with Mozolowski & Murray, here are a variety of commercial projects we have delivered for businesses across the Country.

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Delivering Commercial Excellence Nationwide

With a proud record of improving homes and enhancing lifestyles across Scotland, we are delighted that our commitment to innovation, quality, professionalism and customer service also extends to the commercial market.

Our ability to accommodate tight schedules, work out of season and employ all our own trades, gives businesses a unique confidence that the job will get done, to the standards expected, in the timescales agreed and without compromising existing business functions and revenue.

That is why businesses, particularly within the hospitality sector, are coming to Mozolowski & Murray for bespoke glass and timber or cedar structures, to elegantly house restaurants, wedding venues and stunning guest accommodation.

Working all over Scotland and the North of England, businesses know they are getting an industry leading product and service, irrespective of location.  From the remote corners of Skye, to the heart of Midlothian, we will transform your business wherever you are.

So, if you are looking to extend your business, large or small, central or remote and you want an unrivalled quality of product, service and commitment to enhancing your business, then Mozolowski & Murray is the right choice for you.

Commercial News

Scotland’s booming Tourism Sector Invests in Mozolowski & Murray

Scotland’s Leading Glass and Timber Structure Specialists, Mozolowski & Murray has announced a 300% increase in commercial project sales as the tourism sector invests in expanding its commercial property.

With international visitors to Scotland up 21.6% in Q2 2017, the Kinross based company is seeing an upsurge of interest from tourism businesses, seeking to increase accommodation, events and dining capacity, with small to medium sized hospitality businesses, choosing Mozolowski & Murray to transform and expand their properties.

Speaking about the companies growing commercial portfolio, Director of Mozolowski & Murray, Virginia Murray said:

“Where I think we have the edge in commercial property development, particularly within the tourism and hospitality sectors, is our 30-year proven track record of delivering bespoke projects using our own trades, meaning we can deliver to tight schedules and work out of season, in almost any location.  The fact that we offer a fully integrated design, manufacture and build service, including managing all planning and building consents, as well as implementing all health and safety requirements, is also very appealing to businesses.

“With such a wealth of experience, expertise and pride in what we do, business owners have a unique confidence that we will get the job done, to the standards expected, in the timescales agreed and without compromising existing business functions and revenue.”

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Why making bespoke garden rooms is good for business…

With the number of people working from home continuing to rise, it’s no surprise that the demand for garden offices is on the increase, with more and more employees and business owners contacting us about creating the ideal working environment at home.

Motivated by saving money on office rents, reducing commuting costs and time, enhancing productivity, creating a healthy separation from the house and increasing flexibility, our clients wanted to utilise their outside space and turn it into a comfortable, motivating, versatile and functional place that will meet both personal and professional needs, and result in a successful home/work life balance. From large double storey glass fronted garden offices with gyms to intimate spaces just big enough for a desk and chair, our bespoke designs will ensure you get exactly what you need to suit the space and budget you have available.

Handcrafted in Scotland to your exact specification, we deliver an integrated approach from design and planning to build and completion. Depending on the scale of your design, your new office could be ready for use in just 4-6 weeks. With design, sustainability, durability, style and comfort at the heart of our garden offices, you will be able to work and run your business from a space that will increase the value of your home and will last you a lifetime. Transform the way you work with Luxury Garden Living by Mozolowski & Murray. View our latest VIDEO here.

At Mozolowski & Murray the journey isn’t about how we reach your business, it’s about where we take your business!

Irrespective of the project size or location, we offer the same first class experience businesses have come to expect from Mozolowski & Murray.

From the North of Scotland to the North of England and everywhere in between, we will pay you a no obligation visit to discuss your ideas and advise on what options might suit your property style, layout and business objectives.

Build your business today and call us on 0345 050 5440 to find out more.