"We doubled our turnover in the first year"

From a small and intimate loch side wedding venue to a 5-star award winning exclusive luxury wedding venue, The Lodge on Loch Goil’s decision to expand its business using Mozolowski & Murray (M&M), resulted in a return on their investment within the first year. Their initial M&M glass extension success lead them to further invest in a large conservatory allowing them to comfortably accommodate 70 guests, doubling the number of weddings per year. From 24 guests at 10K package to 70 guests at 24k package, the lodge increased its turnover by over 100%.

On choosing M&M owner Alice Gill said: “We approached M&M because of their reputation and the need for us to ensure that we were getting a product and service that matched our own 5-star standards. We knew it would cost slightly more than other conservatory companies, but we needed it to be right. As a result, we got a healthy return on our investment within the first year. The whole experience was an amazing one and if we decide to expand further, we wouldn’t consider using any other company.”

It was clear that Alice and Iain’s decision to take that all-important step to invest in expanding their business, combined with their decision to employ Mozolowski & Murray to transform their historical property into what is now an award winning, world renowned 5-star luxury venue, has paid off. With turnover up by over 100%, it is safe to say their investment in Mozolowski & Murray, has been an investment in the future success of their business.

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When Mozolowski & Murray met The Lodge on Loch Goil

When Alice and Iain first opened their doors, the maximum capacity for a wedding or event was 24 people, meaning their maximum wedding package price was £10k.  With this limiting the number of weddings a year and in recognising the increasing demand for larger weddings, Alice and Iain examined the case for expansion.

Another barrier to growing their business was the weather. With Humanist outdoor weddings legal in Scotland, coupled with the desire for stunning outdoor locations, Alice and Iain knew they had to innovate to accommodate this demand. So, they approached Mozolowski & Murray to design a second structure that allowed them to bring the outdoors in and take the indoors out.

It was plain to see how Mozolowski & Murray had transformed this space with the biggest asset being the wrap around bi-fold doors on both sides of the conservatory.  This creates a seamless connection with the outdoors, making it a versatile space for weddings to be held within the beautiful surroundings of Loch Goil, while guests enjoy the whole experience sheltered from the unpredictable Scottish climate.

Talking about the success of both the replacement glass extension and the additional conservatory Alice said:

“Before the conservatory was built there was no dance floor. Small ceilidhs were held in the Arts and Crafts Room after the ceremony but this again limited us to small weddings and events. With the new space, we can now comfortably accommodate 70 guests which has meant the number of weddings we do per year has doubled. Now being able to offer a package price of up to £25k, our turnover has increased by over 100%.”

Being a 5-star exclusive use venue, Alice and Iain were obviously eager to provide the best for their guests and their business, so their expectations on Mozolowski & Murray were very high. Not just in terms of the standard of workmanship but in knowing that Mozolowski & Murray were sensitive and accommodating to their existing business commitments. In no way could the business be compromised so Mozolowski & Murray ensured that scheduling was tailored to suit their timetable and promised to complete on time.

Enthusiastic to share her experience of working with Mozolowski & Murray, Alice said:

“The aftercare service has been tremendous, with a member of the team returning a year on to ensure all the paint work looked new and to touch up where needed.  Attention to detail was phenomenal and nothing was too much of a problem. A member of the management team presented onsite for regular site inspections which gave us the confidence and trust we needed to let them get on with it and enabled us to discuss progress with them face to face.

“The whole experience was an amazing one and if we decide to expand further, we wouldn’t consider using any other company. It’s also great to see the vans back just two doors up from us, where another Mozolowski & Murray conservatory will be gracing the shores of Lochgoil!”

When asked about their overall experience:

“Mozolowski & Murray played an integral role in securing planning consent for the build which given the historical context of the Lodge was a complex process. From our very first visit to their Edinburgh Design Centre, the Management Team and the guys on site exceeded our expectations at every stage of the process.  So much so, that we would say they are the best company we have ever worked with.”

Alice & Iain | Owners of The Lodge on Lochgoil

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